Didgeridoo and Drum Set Percussion Duet

Balance is the brain child of didgeridoo builder and performer Bill Hanes. First conceived in 2005, the group was finally realized in 2007 as the father and son duo of Bill Hanes (didgeridoo) and Mick Hanes (percussion.)

The definition of the word ‘balance’ should always precede the musical descriptions of this unique duo as it is directly related to all aspects of composition and style. Their mission is to effectively balance the ancient art of didgeridoo and percussion with modern compositional forms in an attempt to create the most palatable didgeridoo music.

Compositionally, the foundations of each arrangement are in the styling of modern pop, focusing on short, tight arrangements to deliver the main theme. This is then juxtaposed with traditional rhythms ranging from traditional African, Afro-Cuban to modern American dance. The result is true synergy and balance.

The group is currently rehearsing for the summer of 2007, which will start with the debut of their first album and end with a short tour southern and central California. For more information please log onto: www.billhanesdidgeridoo.com

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"move" cd
This is the first cd from the duo "balance". Didgeridoo and percussion.Shipping to U.S included. Please email for international rates. 7 tracks including:Move~Chupacabra~Level 3