Bill Hanes

Didgeridoo, percussion


Born and raised in southern California Bill is known for his seascape oil paintings and is an avid surfer. He is a breeder of the endangered Australia finch the “Lady Gouldian” and they are the link between him and the didgeridoo.

 Bill has been building and playing the didgeridoo for over 5 years. He has built a reputation for creating concert quality modern instruments and for his groove oriented percussive playing. He will admit that he is a player first and foremost but will not deny he has a passion for crafting instruments.

The building technique he uses is very original in both materials and in methods. He crafts didgeridoos from composites comprised of aluminum, fiberglass and resins. The instrument is fully fabricated from basically raw materials. He hand crafts each piece himself from start to finish and signs and numbers only those didgeridoo’s that meet his standards. Bill’s instruments are highly regarded for their ease of play and their superb sound recording qualities. One of Bill’s didgeridoos was used in the movie “War of the World’s” for special effects and is a testament to the sound quality of his works. Bill hand paints each piece with original designs that are seldom duplicated and implies a style all his own. His instruments are in possession of stars and celebrities and have been shipped around the world.

Bill’s passion for the didgeridoo is even more present in his playing. With years of formal drumming lessons and playing in bands he engulfed the freedom and uniqueness that is prevalent to didgeridoo playing.

Bill explains as such:

 “The didgeridoo is an amplifier of one’s own body and soul. It is the person that is the instrument and is amplified through the mesmerizing vibrations of this ancient instrument. I love the meditative and healing qualities of pitch and vibration coupled with the oxygenating to the body one feels while playing. And if all that wasn’t enough, locking into a groove with a drummer enough to create energy for dance, puts it over the top!”

He considers himself a contemporary player and composes modern groove oriented rhythms in a percussive style.    

Bill plays in didgeridoo and percussion groups and is currently rehearsing for the summer of 2007 kicking off with his first CD with his didgeridoo and drum duet “balance” and will be playing engagements through Central and Southern California. Log on to for more information.